Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Portfolio - How to Prepare

Hello Dr. Architecture:

I had written to you a year ago regarding a career shift from civil engineering to architecture. Now, I have realized that both fields are always in close integration and I have started to love both equally. I have also been attending architecture classes during regular lunch breaks. I am planning to pursue a graduate degree in architecture and I have to prepare a portfolio. I am quite clueless as to what to include in my portfolio. I would be extremely grateful if you could give me project statements or design questions to work on. I need your guidance. 

Thank you very much

The best source for the answer to your question is the graduate programs to which you are applying.  First, check their website for requirements, etc.  If you need more details, contact them directly.

Another source is the book - Portfolio Design and the website by the same name - http://www.portfoliodesign.com both by Harold Linton.  Both the book and the website provides you some insight on the process of generating a portfolio.

As you shifting from CE to architecture, you would not be expected to include architectural work, but rather creative work of different media - drawing, painting, etc.


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