Monday, November 25, 2013

EESA Foreign Degree

Can you please tell me licensing procedure to work as an architect in USA.  I have heard that B.Arch/M.Arch degree from India is not sufficient.for that there would be another procedures by AIA.  If you know any details regarding this kindly help me.

In the U.S., an individual needs to fulfill three requirements for most jurisdictions - 1) education, 2) experience, and 3) examination.
For 1) education, a BArch/MArch from another country such as India will not serve as an automatic equivalent, but you can submit your credentials to EESA ( to determine that your education is equivalent to the NCARB Education Standard.  In most cases, it will not be totally equivalent, but EESA will share what you need to complete.
After education, you must complete IDP - Intern Development Program to fulfill the experience component.  Once you have met education and IDP, you are eligible to sit for the ARE - Architect Registration Examination.  For details on IDP and ARE, visit NCARB -
I hope this is helpful.

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