Saturday, November 16, 2013

Interior Architecture to Architecture

Hello Dr. Architect

I have been in the United States for two years. In my country I received certificate in Interior Architecture , which is not a degree here.I just can evaluate two classes.Now I am in a community college and taking ESL courses. As you can see I would like to continue my education in same major which Woodbury University offers that in Bachelor degree.And maybe later continue the same major in UCLA in Master program. As a new student what would you recommend to me in educational, financial and career perspective.And Also, Should  interior architecture has Accreditation? What is it, is it NAAB?

Thanks for your time.

As you do not have the equivalent of an undergraduate degree (BA or BS), you may wish to consider pursuing an undergraduate architecture degree (preprofessional) with later pursuing a Master of Architecture.  

Or, you could pursue the five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture.

Which you pursue depends on you and your desire.

NAAB is the National Architectural Accrediting Board --  They accredit architecture programs, not interior architecture.


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