Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Undergraduate Major if not Architecture?

Hello Dr. Arch,
I am going to be a student at Rutgers University. I'm very interested in going into the Architecture field but my school does not offer the program. I have to stay at my school due to financial stability but I was wondering if there's another pathway for me to become an architect. I was thinking about doing either Civil Engineering or Landscape Architecture at my school and then applying to masters and doctorate programs for Architecture. My other choice is to study Psychology/Exercise Science and try to apply to the same programs, since I heard some requirements do not require a pre-professional degree. Your opinion would really help me. Thank you.


Given that you need to stay at Rutgers for financial reasons, you should pursue an undergraduate degree that suits you best and maximizes success.  Granted civil engineering and landscape architecture are related to architecture, but will you do well academically in these majors?

You should pursue the major in which you will do the best!  Of course, with that said, you should seek to take art/drawing courses along the way as you will need to submit a portfolio as part of your graduate application to architecture.

In addition, contact some graduate programs in architecture to which you think you will apply and gain some insight from them as to the degree and courses you might take.

I also would not rule out transferring to an institution that offers architecture. 


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