Thursday, December 5, 2013

Architect to What?

I have enjoyed reading your blog over the years. I am wondering if you can help with my career predicament. What can I do with a B.Arch degree besides 'straight' architecture -- what graduate programs or careers would I be fit to undertake? Can you help with ideas?

Here is my background. I became a licensed architect in California. I graduated from Cal Poly SLO and then worked at a school design firm, then a residential firm. During my time at the school firm, I initially drafted CDs, and then later became a Project Manager doing construction admin work. I excelled at the management side of things, but felt I wasn't doing anything artistic. I turned to graphic design and web design as a career and left the profession. I have since been working in web design, but sometimes feel I am selling myself short in terms of the broad knowledge base I acquired through my architectural training (math, engineering, environmental control systems, design). I love learning and would like to do more academics if possible, but feel I need to be committed to a particular career/job title end goal. I have not worked in an architecture office for seven years, so feel like it is an impossibility to go back.

I appreciate any advice you may have -- if you have time! I realize you likely get many inquires. :-)

I am very pleased that you have enjoyed the blog for the past few years.

I appreciate your question as I have been spending time writing on the issue.  Below are a few articles that I have authored on the topic on what I call Architecture and Beyond.

All I can suggest is that you pursue your passion.  As you have discovered, an architectural education is a tremendous foundation for any number of career fields.  Of course, it is not easy to determine the best path.

Spend time assessing what you like -- interests, skills, etc.  Make the match between what you like and what is out there in terms of employment -- What is your timeline?

Keep searching and pursue it with a passion.  It will be hard to get back into architecture, but if you want it, go for it.


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