Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Architecture - Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge

I came across your web site and I am not sure if you can help my son on the Architecture  Merit Badge.  The architect counselor has high expectation from my son (13.5 years old). He needs to submit Site plan, landscape plan, room plan and all drawn to scale.  To save time, I tried to find some free CAD software for my son. Will Google Sketchup work for this purpose? Any other easy to learn free CAD software? Is it better to draw the plans by hand?  

From my review of the Architecture Merit Badge, it appears that drafting scaled drawings are just a part of obtaining the badge.  Regardless, I would suggest that doing it be hand may be easier than learning a free CAD software.  Of course, with hand drafting, you would need a drawing board, t-square, scale, triangle, and drafting pencils.

Measure a room such as one where you live or where your troop meets. Make an accurately scaled drawing of the room's floor plan showing walls, doors, closets, windows, and any built-in furniture or cabinets. Neatly label your drawing with the following: your name, the date, what room you drew, and the scale of the drawing. (Drawing scale: ¼ inch = 1 foot)

With that said, I will be honest - I am NOT an expert on software but from a simple Google search, found the following that might be helpful.  I do not offer an opinion on one over the other as some are Windows based while others are cross platform.

Further, if your son is interested in architecture, I suggest he obtain Becoming an Architect, 2nd ed. (see attached).

As well, visit the website - --


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