Friday, February 22, 2013

MS or MArch after BArch

I have done my B.Arch from India and given my GRE exam.i desire to do M.arch in sustainability from US university.  However i am confused if i should go for an MS course or M.Arch course since i do not desire to practice there but given an opportunity would like to work.

Also my interest lies in teaching, so could I practice teaching coming back to India after doing an one year MS course.

Kindly help.

Whether to pursue a professional Master of Architecture or a post-professional Master of Science in Architecture truly depends on your future desire to pursue licensure in the U.S.  As your BArch is from India, it does NOT meet the education standard for licensure.  As such, pursuing a Master of Architecture (two years) would be the best route if you desire to pursue licensure in the U.S.

However, if you wish to expand your studies and eventual return to India, the MS degree may be the better route.

With that said, you can still gain pursue licensure with your BArch but you would need to pursue the EESA process to determine that your education is equivalent to the NCARB Education Standard.

Given what you stated in your statement, I would consider the MS in Architecture.

Visit - for a list of potential programs.

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