Friday, February 8, 2013

Becoming an Architect in 50s.

With all the education that is required and post-graduation experience that is required before sitting for the exam is it too much for someone like me just turning 53 ?.  Probably couldn't get in one of the large firms....I was looking at the classes and see its like another 4-6 years plus experience,I'll be like 60-62 before taking exam.....Oh we'll.....I knew I should of stayed at that firm I was at in 1987....still kicking myself for leaving and they were going to pay for school too......
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I know of individuals that have pursued architecture when in their 50s.  You do not provide much of your background, but if you wish to pursue architecture, why not do it.  Even if you did not apply for this fall, you would graduate in 3-4 years after beginning.  If you worked during the summers, you could be completing your IDP and taking the exam within the 2-3 years upon graduation putting you at about 58-60 when you become an architect leaving you 20-30 years of practice.

Philip Johnson became an architect at 39 years and practiced until in his 90s when he died.

Of course, depending on your professional background, you may be able to enter the industry now without the education and not becoming a licensed architect.


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