Monday, August 13, 2012

Business to Architecture

I am writing for wisdom on how to fulfill my dream, of becoming an architect. 
I completed my undergraduate studies in business with a B.A. in 2007 (Fairleigh Dickinson U in N.J.). My grades were mediocre (2.5) and I have never been formally educated in anything architecture related.
My career has consisted of banking, business development, and human resources management.
As a 27yr old who does not want to start college from scratch again, what can I do, and how should I go about it?
I live in NYC and I am very sincere in my desire to study architecture. 

Thank you for your time and your generous advice. 

Given you have an undergraduate degree albeit in another discipline, you are eligible to apply to the Master of Architecture (3-4 years) at any of the accredited programs --

As you are in NYC, I suggest you touch base with one of the programs in the city.  As most will only accept applicants in the fall, you will have time until December / January to apply.  One part of the application to start is the portfolio.  Most require a portfolio of creative work.

You may wish to consider taking a drawing course to create work for it.

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