Monday, August 13, 2012

Architectural Engineering

I'm a rising senior in high school and i'm very interested in pursuing a career in either Architecture, Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering. During the summer, i attended a summer program at MIT called MITES where i had the chance to take an Architecture class for 6 consecutive weeks. I got to say that i loved the class but it also made doubt my plans. I always thought i wanted to major in Civil Engineering mostly because my father is a Civil Engineer and i loved watching his work. As i grew older, i discovered that i also love art and the complexity of designing ( even though i am not the best on that field ). So, after a lot of research, i came across a career called Architectural Engineering which i understood mixes the best of both Architecture and Engineering. 

In the next few months, i need to start applying to colleges. Unfortunately, Architectural Engineering is only offered in few places and that only makes me question if it is actually a good decision for me to follow that major. My family is constantly asking me about the minimal income for those engineers but i cant answer because i don't know. I've asked for advice to people that know about the topic, but no one seems to give me a complete answer. I hope that your background will let you answer me with as much honesty as possible. I'm looking forward for your response.
My expertise is on becoming an architect.  If you search the ARCHCareers blog - - you will see a plethora of questions and answers related to becoming an architect.

From my understanding of Architectural Engineering is NOT a mix of architecture and engineering, but rather it is engineering with a focus on the engineering aspects of building.  Refer to the website below.

If there are not enough programs in architectural engineering, you can always consider civil engineering on a campus that you would also be able to pursue a minor in architecture -- like Illinois.

As you are MA, consider attending the Boston Career Day on Sat., October 27 on the campus of Wentworth Inst. of Technology -- see the following for details --

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