Saturday, August 18, 2012

Job Search Resources

I live in Portland, OR. I am desperatly looking for architecture work. I never see job postings in the Oregonian, Monster, and Craig's List. Can you give me better resources to find a job?

From what you have shared, I will provide the following -- the most effective job search method is networking, not looking on the internet job boards.  You do not share where you are in the process of becoming an architect.  Are you a member of the AIA? or any other professional organization from which you can network?

Have you researched the firms in Portland and approach them directly?  As you know, the market is challenging so firms are not advertising.  You need to approach them and create value for them.  Research the firms, determine which are the best for you and network you way in to someone who is responsible for hiring.

Did you go to school in Portland?  If so, what faculty did you have that might be of help?

Everyone you know and do not know are potential contacts.  I would spend some time, but not much in the job boards; instead, I would get out and meet people, preferably architects.  Volunteer with the AIA or other group for which you will connect with architects.  Attend lectures or other seminars where you will meet architects.

I hope this helps.

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