Monday, July 30, 2012

Distance Learning Programs

What Universities offer distance learning programs? Boston Architectural College advertises their program, but are there other programs?

What University programs cater to working professionals?

I've started my own companies and want to continue my education, but I am unable to dedicate myself to a full-time program.  It is my intent to develop my contracting business into a design/build collaboration with architects and other design professionals.  Earning my masters will, in my opinion, bridge the gap between contractors and architects and increase my marketability with potential clients.

Based upon your experience with the profession, does this sound like a viable approach?

The only institutions that I am aware are Boston Architectural College, Lawrence Technological University (Detroit, MI) and Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA).  I do not think any of them are exclusively online, but it is a start.  I would seriously consider BAC as they value work experience, but typically you must be eligible for IDP - working for an architect, I think.

Sorry, I do not have insight on that but very few cater to working professionals.

Do you need to be an architect to continue your company?  Would it be worth to attend a true MArch with an emphsis in design/build?  Research the following - not accredited architecture degree but focuses on design-build.

Yestermorrow Design Build School

Programs that excel in Design Build

If your company is a contracting business, do you need an accredited architecture degree?  If you wish to connect with architects, you have an architecture degree and can talk the talk.  Think about what skills you need to develop and pursue the appropriate degree.  Talk with professionals that do what you want to do -- what education do they have?

I hope this helps!

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