Sunday, July 15, 2012

Portfolio Question

I just graduated from CU-Boulder’s pre-professional architecture program and I had two quick questions about my portfolio. It is an 8.5” x 11” portfolio in landscape format, and the background color of the whole document is a dark gray. What type of paper should I use to print on? I used regular printer paper and I didn’t like the way it looked. And my other question is, what would you recommend about trimming the rest of the page? (The full-bleed area where the printer cannot print).

Thanks for your help and your time!

First, congrats on your recent graduation from CU-Boulder.

With regards to your question on your portfolio, I would suggest you seek out guidance from a local printer or even some of your faculty.  As they will be able to view it, they would be in the best position to guide you with your portfolio.

Another idea is to view your fellow graduates' portfolios.  Additionally, you can view some examples from either Portfolio Design - - or online portfolio sites such as Issuu.

Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.

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