Sunday, July 15, 2012

ARE = Compensation

I recently complete the ARE and was very pleased to pass the entire exam on my first attempt.  I've received congratulations from my employer, but little else.  What incentives are typically given in architecture firms for passing the licensing exam?  If no additional compensation or bonus is offered, should I begin looking to make a change?

First, congrats on your completing and passing the ARE.  As for incentives for passing the exam, I am sure each firm does something different while some provide no incentive at all.

The most common I have heard is reimbursement for the cost of taking the ARE.  I have heard that some will provide a raise, but very few.  Aside from compensation, some firms provide greater responsibility.

Here are the details of one firm --

Whether you decide to change will depend on many factors - length of tenure, the work you do, location, the market for architects in your area --

As you are now licensed, why not possibly pursue your own projects as long as they do not conflict with your current firm.


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bryan said...

Public Sector usually gives you more pay for a license.