Thursday, May 24, 2012

International Education

My daughter wants to study and become an architect. However she is thinking of studying this in the UK or Australia-If she wants to practice in America as an architect would the UK degrees or Australian degrees be recognized in America? What does she have to do to gain her license once qualified in lets say California or Florida?

Congrats to your daughter for pursuing a career in architecture.

To become licensed as an architect in the United States, one must fulfill the requirements of the state/jurisdiction in which they wish to practice.  In most states, you need to fulfill 1) education (NAAB professional degree), 2) experience (fulfill IDP), and 3 examination (pass all divisions of ARE).  You may wish to contact the NCARB website to learn the specifics of Florida and California

If she decides to study in the UK or Australia, she would need to have her education evaluated against the NCARB Education Standard better known as

You may also wish to review the Canberra Accord with regards to an education in Australia.


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I am a foreign trained architect with more than 7 years of experience. I want my profession to be certify by Canada Architectural Certification Board so I can be a license arhitect in canada but my problem are requirements. On the list of the requirements, they are asking for my academic portfolio which is I don't no longer have. I was 10 years ago since I graduated. How can I fulfill their requirements?