Saturday, May 12, 2012

Architectural Research

I read your book, it was extremely informative and helpful. In fact, it guided me to find that I'm not that interested in designing for clients or a firm but I'm more interested in architectural research. I would like to research architecture and innovate new types of construction, sustainable and efficient design process. I would like to be the person that CREATES THE METHOD of design rather than just using the method in the design. I'm a third year architecture student at University of Illinois Chicago. 

I am currently searching for schools or interning opportunities for architectural research but I don't know where to start. I know University of Michigan has a program called the Master of Science Architecture: Building Materials and Construction, but I'm not sure if that program is the correct program for an architectural researcher. Basically what my question is, what does an architectural research job consist of and how do I go about doing it?

Your comment will be greatly appreciated. 

I am pleased that you enjoyed my book and found it helpful.

Your question is slightly out of my expertise, but I will offer what I can.

Even though you wish to pursue architectural research, it may still be worthwhile to pursue the Master of Architecture on your path.  Also, as you have an additional year remaining, reach out to faculty to work with them on their research.  Perhaps, you can do an independent study with one of your faculty to learn more about research.

You may also wish to see if there is a "research methods" course at UIC.

Finally, keep asking lots of questions of your peers and faculty about careers in architectural research.  Connect with researchers on your campus in other disciplines.  There is lot to learn.

AIA Research (includes copies of research journals)

ARCC - Architectural Reseach Center Consortium

I hope this gets you started.

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