Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Licensure, Certification, and Reciprocity

I am an Intern Architect finishing up my IDP Record.  I will be relocating to Chicago soon.  I currently live in FL. I  graduated with a pre-professional degree in architecture.  I learned that you need @9,000 something credits by Dec 31, 2013.  I already have 6823 credits earned already.
Q #1: Do I apply for Illinois via a separate applic or do I just only click on IL in NCARB website of record transmittal? 
Q #2: Once I am licensed in IL and completed all exams, can I apply for NCARB reciprocity to other states AFTER all this is done? (with pre-professional degree)

Q #3: In general, what are the positives and negatives in being licensed out of state while living in another state?
You are asking specific questions concerning licensure; as I do not wish to misdirect you, I will suggest you contact NCARB and the Department of Professional Regulation for the state of Illinois.

NCARB | 1801 K Street, NW | Suite 700K | Washington, DC 20006 | P: 202/879-0520 | F: 202/783-0290

Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation
Division of Professional Regulation
320 West Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Springfield, IL 62786

#1) As I understand it, you may simply request your NCARB record be transmitted to the state of Illinois.  Be sure to review the following -- http://academics.triton.edu/faculty/fheitzman/idp.htm -- as a guide to licensure in Illinois.  Effective 1/1/2014, you will need a NAAB accredited degree to become licensed in Illinois.

#2) Yes, you do that through NCARB, but you need an accredited degree for NCARB Certification - http://www.ncarb.org/Certification-and-Reciprocity.aspx --

#3) Value of Certification - http://www.ncarb.org/Certification-and-Reciprocity/Value-of-an-NCARB-Certificate.aspx

I hope this is helpful.

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