Saturday, May 26, 2012

Degree Path - Which Choice?

I stumbled upon your blog and website when I was doing some research on architecture programs and only wish I could have found it earlier. Better late then never though. I have learned quiet a bit from reading questions that others have asked you on your blog and am in the middle of reading Becoming An Architect: A Guide to Career in Design and will continue to read both. I did though have some indivdual questions for you that I hope you can answer or guide me towards one. 

I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University and just finished my second year. Even though GA Southern doesn't have an architecture program I chose to go there to complete my core classes, its close to home, and financial reasons. Now that I am finished with my core I am a little lost at what to do next.I had my heart and mind set on transferring to GA Tech next Spring (2013) but after this past semester it might not happen.  

My standing GPA is a 3.40 and when I chose my classes at GA Southern I made sure that they were the ones that GA Tech require transfer pre-architecture students to take but after this past semester and my low GPA I might not be able to get into GA Tech.

After doing some research I have looked at some options. Because I  want to complete my bachelors in arch in state to keep from being in debt, I have four options: GA Tech, Savannah College of Arts and Design, Southern Polytechnic State University, or Major in Interior Design at GA Southern University. After I complete my bachelors, I want to get my Master in Arch from out of state, possibly ****

In doing my research, I discovered that GA Tech's B Arch is not NAAB Accredited and SCAD's and Southern Poly's B Arch are. This past spring, at Ga Southern, I took Interior Design Graphics to gain some basic knowledge on drafting and using the tools to create plans. I ended up making an A in the class after putting a lot of hard work and all nighters. 

I would like to ask you to help me figure out and narrow my options.

Actually, the Master of Architecture at GA Tech is the accredited degree; their undergraduate degree is a pre-professional degree; this is different than the BArch offered by Southern Poly.  SCAD offers a BFA with the accredited Master of Architecture.
The four-year undergraduate program in Architecture at Georgia Tech is a pre-professional program that fulfills the preparatory requirements for admission to most two-year professional architecture programs.

With that as introduction, you must decide which is the best path for you to obtain the professional accredited degree in architecture.  Given that you have completed two years at GA Southern, you have choices - 1) complete the degree at GA Southern and attend one of over 90 Master of Architecture programs across the country; or 2) transfer to GA Tech or another program to either complete the BArch (Southern) or the pre-professional degree to later attend the Master of Architecture.

It has been my experience that most students want to start architecture as soon as possible.  Towards that end, apply to GA Tech while still completing your degree at GA Southern.  If you gain admission, you can make decision.  If you do not you can continue your degree.

Regardless, be in touch with the program to which you wish to apply and ask lots of questions.

I wish you the best and feel free to ask more questions if needed.

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