Saturday, March 17, 2012

MArch Recommendations

I am an aspiring architect that wishes to attain his M.Arch degree. During my undergraduate years, I studied Scenic Design, Acting and Psychology, naturally culminating in my decision to study Architecture. My question for you (and I will try to limit it to just one ... for this round) is what are some programs you recommend applying to? I am looking for an institution that meets some or all of these factors:
  • Willing to accept me into the program. I suppose that's a must!
  • On the forefront of an exploding architecture scene. I would love to be in on the action while I am studying. 
  • Preferably doesn't require the GRE. I am not opposed to taking this exam.Would be lenient on portfolio requirements. I do have an art portfolio, but very few architecture-themed entries. 
  • Has a strong track for non-architecture students. I've seen some called "career-change option" or "Track II"

I am certainly able to help you in your search for an architecture program but I do not make specific recommendations.  Instead, may I suggest the following resources to assist in developing a list of programs that would be well-suited for you.

NAAB - - provides a list of accredited architecture programs - - an searchable online resource of architecture programs.

Aside from your list below, determine what criteria are most important - location, faculty, reputation, etc.


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