Saturday, March 3, 2012

Architecture for Everyone

This month's issue of Architectural Record (see below) focuses on "Building for Social Change."  As well, editor-in-chief Cathleen McGuigan provides an editorial on whether public-interest design can become a viable career path for architects.

Can public-interest design become a viable alternative to traditional practice? 
By Cathleen McGuigan, Editor in Chief  

"One day, when the recession is officially declared over, the practice of architecture is likely to have changed. As Fisher points out, architects who look beyond the traditional studio—to conduct research or collaborate with other disciplines or to design in the public interest— are likely to find that the way they’re trained to think is highly valued. But for now, however you practice or connect to the world of design, there are lessons and inspiration in building for social change."
Now, perhaps more than ever, is the time for building for social change.  Current students and graduates have a greater desire to pursue social design than in the past.  There are more opportunities than ever.  It may not make financial sense, but we do not do it for the money.

Architectural Record

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