Sunday, December 18, 2011

Post Professional degree in architecture

I’m a graduate of B.Arch ( 5 years professional degree) from India. I wanted to pursue Post professional degree in architecture as I already have a graduate degree.
There are certain questions I have. Kindly spare some time to clear my doubts.
1. Now I’m practicing as an architect. If I study Master in Urban Design, I would be an urban designer. Are there plenty of scopes for urban designers?
2. Is the pay for urban designers more than those of the architects?
3. Although I have an interest in designing buildings, if I have did Masters in Urban Design won’t I be able to do both - design the layout of the towns as well as design buildings?
4. The relationship between Urban Design and Landscape Design. This is because I don’t like landscape design but I’ve heard that Urban Design has a lot of landscape design in it. If Urban design is more or less similar to landscape design, I would consider not taking it as I hate designing plants and trees.
5. I have an interest in Digital Facades. I’ve also heard about the M.Arch in Digital Architecture. Please tell me where is the best place to study this course apart from USA.
6. Please also tell me the scope for this course (Digital Facades). Is it research oriented? Are many people opting for it?
7. I also came across a specialist course - M. Arch Sustainable Tall Buildings in the University of Nottingham. If you know any details about it, please also share it.
It would be really kind of you if you could take your precious time to answer all my queries. I thank you for spending your valuable time in reading my letter. I am looking forward for your valuable suggestions and opinions from you.

First, let me say that my expertise is in becoming an architect in the U.S., not urban design.  With that said, let me suggest you continue you search with the following resources/associations --

Congress for New Urbanism


American Planning Association


Given you already have an architecture degree and are able to be a practicing architect, obtaining an additional degree in urban design would broaden your skill set and professional opportunities.

Urban Design Definition

With regards to MArch - Digital Architecture, I cannot share much insight.  For a list of accredited MArch degrees in the U.S., I would suggest you visit -- and --

For the MArch Sustainable Tall Buildings, visit -- --

Clearly, you have various interests as they relate to architecture and the built environment.  Continue to research and ask questions to determine which is the best path for you.


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