Thursday, December 22, 2011

Civil Engineer to Architect

I need some professional help regarding my path to becoming an architect.
There is  a long story why I'm choosing architecture cause I am a graduate civil engineer that seems to be successful in my career in IRAN.
But still wants to change my path to architecture.
I find out that I should apply for master of architecture in US universities in a special 3 year program, while the question is here that choosing Master is not the sole selection of mine.
I think choosing Bachelor of Architecture and start a new bachelor can be also effective even more.
So my first Question is regrading this issue?
My second Question is regarding After Master Exams.
For example in US there is FE & PE exams for Civil engineers is there any exam for Architecture to give you the permission or signature.

Given that you already have a degree in civil engineering, it would make more sense to pursue the MArch (3-4 years) than the BArch (5 years).  These MArch degrees were designed for individuals with a degree in another discipline.

In the U.S., the process of becoming an architect requires three (3) tasks 1) education - professional
NAAB accredited degree; 2) experience - fulfillment of IDP; and 3) exam - completion of the ARE (Architect Registration Examination.

Other resources to review -- and Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition.

Dr. Architecture

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