Sunday, December 18, 2011

Job Search

I graduated from UC Davis majoring in Design: Interior Architecture and Minor in Art Studio. I have had a various amount of internships in Architecture and Interior Design firms. However, I am still unable to get a job in the architecture or interior design field. What do you suggest I do next? Should I apply to grad schools? If so, is it smart to go to the UK to get a degree if ultimately, I want to practice in San Francisco (which is where I am living now). 

As you have discovered, searching for your first career position is a challenge. 

It is truly hard for me to suggest what you do next without knowing fully your job search process.  You seem to imply that you are ready to give up on job searching.  Certainly, moving ahead to graduate studies is an option but are you confirmed for which discipline - architecture, interior design, other?

Obtaining a degree in UK is an option as well, but if it is in architecture, you will have additional administrative hurdles to jump for becoming licensed in the U.S.

Again, without knowing you job search, I am still inclined to suggest you redouble your efforts with searching for a career.  Step back and do some self-assessment to best determine your approach.  What skills do you have that potential employers may be seeking?  Do not just approach design firms.

The best way to search is via networking, not job boards.  Join a professional association or volunteer to connect with designers.  Research firms and visit them directly in person - not send them an email.

Contact your alma mater to see if they have an alumni network that you could use to connect with design professionals.  One resource to obtain is What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles.

Best in your search and contact me if you have additional questions.

Dr. Architecture 

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