Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Transfer to BArch or pursue MArch

I recently stumbled upon your blog while searching for information on Architectural degrees. I am currently a sophomore at DePaul University in Chicago studying Environmental Studies but I have since been thinking of majoring in Architecture.  Unfortunately, DePaul does not offer any degree in Architecture so I have been contemplating transferring to a school that offers a B.Arch.  

Is it possible to transfer into a B.Arch program as a junior or do you suggest I just enroll in a M.Arch after my undergraduate studies?  What are the pros and cons of a B.Arch compared to an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and then pursuing Architecture at graduate school?  Any information is greatly appreciated and I plan on ordering your book as soon as possible because I believe that it would definitely send me in the right direction.  

You could certainly transfer to a BArch program, but you will need to start in the first year as you would not have the design studios; most of credits from DePaul would not transfer except general education.  Most likely, it would take you five years to complete a BArch.

Instead, you could transfer to a 4+2 program (BS + MArch) like at the University of Illinois directly into their sophomore year as studios start in the 2nd year.  If you went this route, you would be a five year college student to obtain the BS degree but would still need to complete the MArch (2 years) afterwards.

With the above said, I would still recommend considering the MArch for those that have an undergraduate degree in another discipline (3-4 years).  As your degree is in environmental studies, you may wish to consider this route, but do you like DePaul?


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