Sunday, October 16, 2011

Architecture + Construction Alliance

I knew this group existed, but just learned of their website; of the over 100 accredited schools of architecture and 61 degree programs in construction in the nation, only the 14 universities which compose the alliance contain degree programs in both architecture and construction in the same college.


The Mission of the A+CA is to foster collaboration among schools that are committed to fostering interdisciplinary educational and research efforts between the fields of architecture and construction, and to engage leading professionals and educators in support of these efforts.


The professions of architecture and construction are undergoing significant changes as they respond to multiple demands and opportunities to increase collaborative project work. They are propelled by changed societal and client expectations to more fully coordinate their formerly separate roles and responsibilities for the social, environmental, and financial performance of projects, while Building Information Models (BIM) and other digital technology provide emerging new vehicles for integration.

These changes in our built environment professions need to be reflected in the education of future professionals, with a major emphasis on fostering superior interdisciplinary knowledge, and team 
based skills that support synergy and innovation in the 21st century professional context.

Given this imperative, a consortium of the universities in the US that have both architecture and construction programs within the same college are prepared to act together to foster the necessary interdisciplinary and collaborative education needed by our professions. Such an alliance of these universities has a unique ability to play a leadership role in the development, pilot testing, assessment, and dissemination of courses and projects through coordination of the faculty, staff, and financial support for this activity.

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