Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are architects leaving the profession?

I have recently discovered your blog and first want to thank you for your career advice to those of us who are considering a career change to architect. I am in this camp and have been slowly preparing myself for this next chapter in my life. 
I have taken drawing classes; volunteered at a design/build site with the architecture program at the University of Utah and am putting together a portfolio for admission into the masters of architecture program. 
My question is with all the economic challenges that architects face today, have you seen a number of architects leaving the profession because of the lack of work, particularly with architects just starting the profession? What are architects doing, from what you've seen, to compensate for the lack of work?

I am pleased that you discovered the blog and I appreciate your thoughts on my advice.

There are various estimates that between 30-40% of architects have lost their job in this current economic situation we are in -- In addition, many have been downsized meaning that you are now working less hours or received pay cuts.  Clearly, it is a tough road. 

With that said, I would still encourage you to pursue your passion - architecture. 

From what I have read and connections, architects are very creative; some are pursuing career fields/position in related disciplines.  Others are indeed leaving the profession - retiring earlier, etc.

Resources to consider include the following

Down Detour Rd: An Architect in Search of Practice – Eric J. Cesal

In my opinion, the education of an architect allows an individual to pursue a myriad of career fields including architecture.  I wish you the best.

Dr. Architecture

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