Saturday, January 8, 2011

Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition - Book Review

Below is an unsolicited review of Becoming an Architect, 2nd Ed.

Enjoyed the insight offered by Becoming an Architect. The content is concise, easy to follow, and seems to provide a necessarily broad overview of what is needed to pursue an architecture career. I'd recommend the book to any high school or college student interested in pursuing architecture. I love the pictures, diagrams, architectural drawings, and models because they help me make sense of the products created by architects. I find the interviews useful as well, mainly because there is such an array of professionals, students, and interns. It's helpful to get an idea of the architectural world via the opinions and views of those who are involved daily. I also like the organization - the blue shading for the interviews and the white for your writing. While I have not used the list of contact agencies in the back of the book, I have reviewed it and it's sparked several career ideas.

As I read, I wished that there were more interviews with architecture professionals who have backgrounds like me (i.e. did not begin pursuing the field until later in life). Most interviewees started by stating how they've known since childhood that they would pursue architecture, and this makes me question whether I am too late to pursue such a career. It would also be helpful to get an idea of which colleges focus on which aspect of architecture. I've read on several sites online that while architecture as a discipline does not vary, the way it's taught at different universities may vary widely. If possible, I'd love to get an idea of which schools are focused mostly on design, which ones are more technical, which ones place an emphasis on architectural philosophy, etc.

If you wish, you see a substantial online digital preview of the book via Google Books

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