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Starting IDP and EESA

Hello Dr. Architecture,
I have recently completed BArch (5years) from accredited school of architecture in india now i am thinking to come for internship in USA (I have got offer as intern too). So my question is do I become eligible for registering and starting IDP process as my internship is going on over there and if soo how many years of office experience is needed to be elligible for licensure exam to become licensed architect over there or its necessary to go for MArch degree or so from U.S
university since my B.arch degree is from India?

Any insights you may have would be greatly appreciated

Thank you so much for your valuable time.

Congrats on your recently completed BArch.

To learn more about IDP (Intern Development Program), visit NCARB at; download the IDP Guidelines (see below).

when can I start?
Your “IDP eligibility date” is the date after which you are able to earn IDP experience. Qualifying experience must be earned on or after your IDP eligibility date. Once your IDP eligibility date has been established, it is set for all experience earned on or after that date.
Under the IDP eligibility dates effective 1 October 2010, the earliest eligibility date you can obtain is 1 October 2010. For experience earned prior to 1 October 2010, you must comply with the eligibility dates in effect prior to 1 October 2010.
For experience earned prior to 1 October 2010:
For experience earned prior to 1 October 2010, you must comply with the IDP eligibility dates and documentation outlined in Appendix A.
For experience earned on or after 1 October 2010:
For experience earned on or after 1 October 2010, you can earn IDP experience1 once you have successfully established:
1. Enrollment in a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program. [link to form1] 2. Enrollment in a pre-professional architecture degree program at a school
that offers a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program. [link to form 2]
3. Employment in work setting A after obtaining a U.S. high school diploma, General Education Degree (GED) equivalent, or comparable foreign degree. [link to form 3]

The overall IDP requirement is 5600 hours which is not quite a full three years if working full-time.

the IDp training requirement
In order to satisfy the IDP training requirement, you must earn 5,600 hours of experience. You earn training hours when you are employed in work settings recognized by your state registration board. Of the 5,600 hours required for completion of IDP, 3,720 hours are considered core minimum hours. Core minimum hours are earned in four training categories that include 16 training areas. The additional 1,880 hours required are considered elective hours.

In terms of your education, you would NOT need to necessarily pursue the Master of Architecture, but you would need to have your education from India evaluated against the NCARB Education Standard via EESA - Education Evaluation Services for Architects --

I hope this all helps!

Dr. Architecture

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