Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BA in Architectural Studies vs. BS in Architecture

I am an Architecture Pre-major student at Kent State, OH and I am not sure whether I should declare my major as a BA in Architectural Studies or BSc in Architecture. These are the only two Architecture majors that my school offer. I know that the Bsc in Architecture+MArch (4+2 program) at Kent is NAAB accredited but I do not want to necesarily read for my Masters degree at the same school. Since I realize that both the BSc and the BA in Architecture are of Pre-professional level, I would like to know which is a better choice if I am to pursue a MArch at a different school.

Upon review of both programs from the Kent State University website, it is clear that you should pursue the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree if your intent is to pursue the Master of Architecture at Kent State or any other institution.

You would certainly be eligible to pursue the MArch with the BA in Architectural Studies, but the length of time would be longer (see statement below).

Architectural Studies Program Mission Statement

The program, leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, is committed to prepare graduates to seek employment in the construction and development industries, develop careers in cultural theory or pursue a three year graduate professional program in architecture, as well as a variety of other professional programs in areas such as landscape architecture, urban planning, law, and business.

Another method to determine the answer to your question is to contact a handful of graduate architecture programs.

Best to you in your decision.

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