Thursday, October 21, 2010

Career in Architecture?

I am an undergraduate freshmen at Purdue University,West Lafayette,IN from India. I came across your blog looking for information on architect and I needed some advice.

At the moment my major is undecided in science and I am thinking of pursuing a career in architect since I have a keen interest in designing. Unfortunately I am running out of time and need to decide my major, since grade 8th i wanted to do architect but was not that sure of it but now I am sure that I want to become an architect.I am more interested in designing houses but do not know which major to choose. If I do landscape architect will I be able to design houses?

I hope you can guide me through this and will be highly obliged.

Your timing is exceptional! If possible, plan to attend the Chicago Architecture + Design College Day on this Saturday, October 16 from 10-3pm on the campus of IIT. You would be able to visit with 35 architecture programs.

As you are freshman, you may wish to consider transferring to a university that offers an architecture program; for a list of programs, visit - -. Otherwise, you can stay at Purdue to pursue a related major and pursue a Master of Architecture at the graduate level.

Also, consider obtaining Becoming an Architect, 2nd edition available from

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