Sunday, August 13, 2017

Too late to become an architect

I hope you find time to respond to my question on pursuing this career. I have been working as an Energy Advisor for close to 10 years now since this is what I studied in university up to Graduate level.
I have had this passion for Architecture for years but this was suppressed early on since I was required to study and excel in a science career. I realize that I must change career and pursue my dream. I'm now 41 . Is it too late to pursue my career? I'm Kenyan living in Kenya but wish to pursue the program in a school in the US. At this age will I have the stamina to take the classes and exams? My last question is if I have to start at entry level after studies. My plan would be to get some practical experience in the US then return to Kenya to start a practice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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In my opinion, it is NOT too late to study architecture.  Philip Johnson, one of the greatest architects in the 20th c. did not become an architect until the age of 39.
You will need to decide if you have the stamina to take the classes and exams. 
Given your previous education, it would take 3-4 years to complete a graduate degree in architecture.  For the U.S., you would need approximately 2-3 years of professional experience before you are eligible to take the A.R.E.  Thus, it would take a minimum of 6-8 years before you were an architect.
Remember, my expertise is in becoming an architect in the U.S., not Kenya.

Dr. Architecture

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Hi Dr Architect....I need an urgent response to my question if you can...I an an African from Ghana who studied BA(African studies)and graduated in 2011...I am currently serving in the United States army and about to is my dream to divert and do my master's in architecture but with no background in architecture, is it possible? And if yes, how long is it going to take me...