Saturday, May 18, 2013

Michigan or UBC / US vs. Canada

I just graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and I am looking to pursue an MArch at either the University of Michigan or the University of British Columbia in Canada. I have been accepted to the University of Michigan and would begin in about a month. I have not yet applied to the UBC as I just stumbled across the programs and the school itself. 

I am beginning to think though, that applying to the UBC may be a better match for me. The discussions involving sustainability and the natural environment may be enhanced due to location. I have not applied to this school yet, so I may have to wait a year to attend this school. Unless I can somehow talk with an admissions representative on Monday (May 20th). 

Any recommendations on where to begin with this issue? 

Also I am curious of the differences in accreditation between the Canadian colleges and the US Universities. Would I be able to find work back in the US after completing my MArch in Canada? Or should I stick with University of Michigan for awhile and possibly transfer after completion of an application to the University of British Columbia. 

So many questions! Help ?

First, congrats on your admission to Michigan.  

In all honesty, I am not fully aware of the program at UBC.  If you are able to still apply and be admitted for this coming fall, it may be worth the effort.  Ultimately, you have to make the decision as to which program is best for you.

Have you talked with Michigan about their commitment to your interests of sustainability?

What was your process in applying to graduate programs?  Did you only apply to Michigan?  Would it be worth to take a step back and apply again for F2014 to include UBC and other programs?  Perhaps or not?

In most cases, a CACB accredited program will meet the education standard as set by NCARB; in other words, a degree from UBC will allow you to become licensed in the U.S.

The education requirement is one of six requirements for NCARB certification outlined in theCertification Guidelines. In order to satisfy the education requirement, you must hold one of the following professional degrees:
* The program must have been accredited no more than two years after the graduation date.
I would NOT start at Michigan and then switch to UBC.  Determine the criteria for which you wish to use to make this decision.  I recognize it is hard as you do not have a decision from UBC.

Call them on Monday and move forward.  Thanks and Best.

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