Saturday, May 25, 2013

Architectural Journalist

I have graduated with a BArch degree from Manipal University, India in the year 2012. Followed by a years work experience in the field especially in the residential sector.
However I have always has a keen interest in writing and a would like to pursue something in the future in those lines. To do so I had looked up various colleges abroad but none that pertain to the field of architectural journalism. 

It would be really kind of you to guide me through this, as i am looking forward to working for an architectural magazine as an editor in the near future. 

Thanking you.


My expertise is on becoming an architect not architectural journalist, but here are some thoughts.

1) Read - one way to improve your writing is to read journal articles or architectural writing.  Read the architectural journals.

2) Write - Write everyday and write articles for submission to journals.  Much of what is written is by freelancers; submit an article to a journal or online blog.  Or start your own blog on a topic for which you have a passion.

3) Connect - Connect with other authors or writers.  From your reading, contact the authors for insight on how they got started or how they do it.

As for possible schools or programs, the only one I know of is the following:

Master of Arts in Design Criticism (MAD-Crit)

I hope this gets you started - best on your journey.

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inkyfingers said...

Hi.I have the same query. Are there other universities that offer a Architecture Criticism Masters?