Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 years and counting!

And so it begain - five years to the day, the ARCHCareers blog.  Below is the first entry I wrote for the Blog back in May 2008.  Now, five years later, I have written over 450 entries - almost more each year and still going strong.

  • As the author of Becoming an Architect (Wiley, 2006), I am taking the plunge of maintaining a new BLOG - ARCHCareers, to provide insight on the process of becoming an architect. As I write the second edition of the book, I will provide resources and address questions that come to me as Dr. Architecture via the website --.

I must say that I has not taken an inordinate amount of time but is worthwhile that I receive questions from all ages and all over the world.  Some ask questions of me that I can barely answer or address because they are not related to becoming an architect, but I do a little research and post an appropriate answer.

I have 87 followers which is not very many, but it is a following nonetheless.

Besides posting my answers, I do reply to actual emails and do receive thanks which is rewarding.

Thus, I am ready for the next five years.  Keep the questions coming and I will keep replying with answers.


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jjegan3 said...

Congrats on 5 years of service to budding architects. Any metrics on professional degree earners who become licensed within 5, 10, 15 yrs (ever?)?