Saturday, January 26, 2013

Degree to become licensed

Good Morning,
I am an Architectural Technologist looking to study to become a Licensed Architect.
I was reading online about M.Arch and B.Arch, am I able to study and recieve a Bachelors in Architecture and become a licensed architect? (If yes, in what areas of the world? - Mainly gearing towards Canada and US)
If I could get a bit more clarification that would be great.

In the United States, most states or jurisdictions require an individual to possess a professional NAAB ( accredited degree.  This NAAB degree could be either the five-year Bachelor of Architecture or the 4+2 year Master of Architecture.

Architects are licensed by the state in which they are licensed; thus, an architect would only be able to practice architecture in that state.  For more details on licensure, I suggest you access NCARB -

As I understand it, an accredited architecture degree from the U.S. meets the requirements for licensure in Canada and vice-versa.  Again, contact NCARB or RAIC.


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