Saturday, January 5, 2013

Applying to MArch

We have had a quick correspondence previously about my portfolio in July. Thank you for the response it definitely helped me.

I have a new question for you, however. I am in the beginning stages of applying for graduate architecture schools for the fall of 2014, and I am setting my sights on some of the top 10 programs in the country. Do you have any advice that would help me set myself apart from other applicants? Or what should I be focused on the most (i.e. portfolio, GRE score, letter of intent, resume, etc.)?

Any insight would be wonderful and I truly appreciate your time and blog!

Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic New Year!
The best approach to being admitted to your desired programs/schools, I would suggest you personally contact each via phone and have a discussion on their admission process and how they make admission decisions.
You may also discover through this process that the top 10 programs in the country may / may not be the best programs for you.  By contacting them, you will learn more about the program.

It will be slightly different depending on the program, but most will state that the portfolio is the most important aspect of the application.  As such, I would spend most of your time on it.  You have graduated, so you cannot impact your transcript but you still must author your statement -- who is writing your letters of recommendations?

Since you are applying for F14, you have time to truly approach the process with full vigor.


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