Saturday, June 23, 2012

Architecture at age of 45?

What would you say to someone considering architecture as a second career at the age of forty five?

Thank you for any response (even if it is a loud "heck no!"). And thank you for your writings on the profession.


 Given my experience in the profession, I would never say NO to someone wishing to pursue architecture.  Many will regardless of your age.

Philip Johnson, one of the 20th c. most influential architects, became an architect at age 39 and practiced until his death at age 98.  If you have the passion and fully understand the sacrifices you will need to make, I say go for it.

When I was at Maryland, one student began his Master of Architecture in his late 40s and was fully employed in the profession after graduation.  It is not an easy road but you bring something to the table that younger students do not - experience and wisdom.

Best to you in your pursuits and contact me again if necessary. 

Dr. Architecture 

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