Saturday, June 23, 2012

Education in India vs. United States.

I am a student from India. I have completed my higher secondary education and I want to study architecture (5-year B.arch ). I want to ask you that will it make any difference to me if I do it India and if I do it from USA.

What will be the difference between a student graduating from India  and from USA? I am confused about  studying architecture in India or in USA . Will you please guide me?

Given I know nothing of architectural education in India, it is difficult for me to answer your question.  One issue to consider is what you wish to do with regards to architecture longer term.

Instead, I suggest you visit the following websites to learn more about the institutions that offer architecture programs in the U.S. --
- National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) - Guide to Architecture Schools.

You should know that the BArch is not the only path to pursue the accredited degree in the U.S.; you can pursue the pre-professional degree and afterwards pursue the Master of Architecture.

Another resource is Becoming an Architect, 2nd edition.

Dr. Architecture

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