Sunday, June 24, 2012

Architect at 49?

I read your blog. I'm writing you because I'm specifically interested in green/eco architecture especially for homes. I live in Boston Mass. 

I watch my 11 year old son Christopher and its obvious even at the age of 3 he will become an architect because of his love and creativity for building only grows stronger. Lately the two of us sit around talking about and researching eco communities and how to build them. He reminds me of my love for architecture both homes and landscaping. However, when I was young women really weren't encouraged to go into that field other than interior design.

My field of study was education which I hold a Masters Degree and have been a trainer and designer for 25 years now I help people live in strong, fit bodies. I'm currently working with Tufts university as a program leader for their VIVE research program which takes older adults and puts them through a fitness and nutritional program to test the program in senior housing facilities. Although I enjoy what I do and it helps people my passion has always been architecture and landscaping. I sold Real Estate just to get inside homes. I  have a passion for organic farming and healthy environmental building and living. I'm one of those people I see things in my head and now I want to put idealism and practical ideas together. 

I want to know what is the best way for me to get into this field? I know being 49 and going back to school is not an advantage other than the fact I have life experience and a disciplined work ethic. I'm also great with working with people and on teams as a leader. What would be my best venue? I want to inspire my son at an any age we can live our dreams and at his early age this is a great field for his creativity.

Congratulations on your desire to become an architect.

Simply put, you need to complete the following: 1) NAAB accredited architecture degree, 2) Intern Development Program (IDP) - experience under the supervision of an architect; and 3) passing all divisions of the ARE - Architect Registration Examination.  Sounds easy enough, but you are looking at about 6-8 years to complete all three.

Given you have a degree (albeit different discipline), you are eligible to apply to a Master of Architecture (3-4 years) for those with a degree in a discipline other than architecture.  You can start researching schools by looking at -- and -- You may also wish to be in touch with Boston Architectural College and/or the Boston Architectural Society.

As you are in Boston, you may wish to attend the New England Career Day in Architecture held on Saturday, October 27 at Wentworth Inst. of Technology.  - - I am always there to represent my institution and provide a workshop on selecting a school.

This should get you started.  Contact me with more questions as needed.

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