Sunday, July 24, 2011

Success by Design

For the past two days, I have been attending and presenting at the AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference.  I led a series of four workshops under the Career track.

During the conference I connected with Jenn Kennedy, the author of the new book, Success by Design: Revealing Profiles of California Architects.  While I have not yet a chance to fully read the book, I now that I can highly recommend it as it introduces you to 25 successful architects (Barton Myers, Ray Kappe, Art Gensler among them) and discusses how their career path.  Not to mention, the book includes images of their work.  

"this book offers stories of many diverse paths to success for those interested in starting or managing an architecture practice" -- Jenn Kennedy

If your desire is to become an architect, do check it out via her website - ArchitectSuccess.

Dr. Architecture

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