Monday, July 18, 2011

Portfolio - What is Reasonable?

In May, both received their Master’s in Architecture.  One of them has been interning for a two-person firm (Principal and CAD operator) since January 2010.  He/she has continued to work there after graduation but was not given a full-time position. 

My question is this, how do you design a portfolio of your work to look for full-time positions if the owner will not allow any copies of your work (done at his firm) to be used?  He/she was very careful to remove any personal data from the drawings (regarding the individual the work was being done for, etc) and also included a disclaimer stating the ideas were not his; the work being presented for his portfolio was only the CAD design work, etc. 

This was not acceptable to the Principal.  He explained that no work could leave the premises.  Does this mean that the only work he can use in his portfolio will be from the work he did in college?  That seems a little unrealistic if you’re competing with so many others.  Is this common?

Thanks for your help.  He/she is also trying to get some answers to this question, but I noticed your blog and thought you might be able to give some guidance.

Upon first glance, I was not sure how to address your question, but did find the following Rule in the AIA Code of Ethics -- --

I downloaded the full Code of Ethics and found this Rule that is certainly related to your question.  The issue is whether or not the firm/principal is an AIA member.  If so, you could file a violation; if not, all you could do is appeal to his common sense as stated in this rule.

Rule 5.303 A Member shall not unreasonably withhold permission from a departing employee or partner to take copies of designs, drawings, data, reports, notes, or other materials relating to work performed by the employee or partner that are not confidential.

Commentary: A Member may impose reasonable conditions, such as the payment of copying costs, on the right of departing persons to take copies of their work.

Below is a related rule that your son-in-law appears to be following:
Rule 5.302 Members leaving a firm shall not, without the permission of their employer or partner, take designs, drawings, data, reports, notes, or other materials relating to the firm’s work, whether or not performed by the Member.

I do hope this helps!

Dr. Architecture

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