Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post-Professional - UToronto

I came across your book few weeks ago and more recently your blog and they are extremely useful!

I am currently finishing my professional architecture degree. I am moving to Toronto next year and I was wondering if you could help me regarding a post-professional program I might apply to.

Do you know anything concerning the post-professional architecture graduate program (equivalent to MArch 2) of the University of Toronto?

How good is it? what it focuses on etc..

Perhaps compared to the US graduate programs?

I am not being able to find accurate and helpful assessments of the program online...

North American rankings are usually helpful but I cannot find any either.

I appreciate that you have found my book and blog helpful.  Also, congratulations on completing your professional architecture degree and desiring to pursue a post-professional degree.

As for the University of Toronto, I cannot share any insight other than what is listed on their website (see below).  Unfortunately, I am not able to comment on its reputation or its focus.

For post-professional degrees, candidates typically select programs based on their available expertise, not necessarily reputation.  For example, if you are interested in urban design, which programs offer urban design?

Plus, many candidates take time between their professional degree and post-professional degree; in other words, many post-professional degrees are targeted to individuals that have professional experience.

I suggest you research programs from – and by contacting the programs directly.


Dr. Architecture

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