Saturday, March 19, 2011

MArch - Decision-Making?

I can't really find any material that can show me which one of two schools are better for a master in architecture. How do I make a decision?  Please help! Thanks!

The question is not which Master of Architecture is better but rather which MArch is better for you. To answer that question, you must first determine what criteria you will use to make the decision.

Think along three factors -- You, Institution and Academic Unit. For many students pursuing the MArch, important factors are 1) faculty, 2) reputation, 3) philosophy/approach, 4) curriculum, 5) academic resource and 6) finances (scholarships/assistantships) as well as others.

Once you determine your criteria, compare each program against the criteria to decide which is the best for you. Comparing one program to another will get you nowhere.

Use these discussion boards to learn more about a program from those that have attended or visited; moreover, contact the program directly and ask for connections to students or recent alums.

Best in your decision-making.

Dr. Architecture 

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