Monday, March 21, 2011

CAD, Revit, and Software

I am hoping that you will be able to help me. My son is in college studying architecture. Throughout high school he studied CAD - the only program related to architecture in our home town school system. However he has found that in college it is necessary to know many other programs to help him with his studies. Unfortunately though,  the school he attends is not teaching the students these programs but rather assuming they either know them or can teach themselves. With the amount of work to be done, my son does not have the time to learn these programs during the regular semesters. He is looking to learn the program Revit this summer either at a school that teaches it or whatever way available. Can you guide me into finding out where he would be able to learn this program? We live in North Jersey.

Architects use many different software; as well, architecture students use many different software.  Aside from CAD - computer aided drafting/design, many students use SketchUp (, Adobe Suite (, Rhino (, Maya (, FormZ (, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) -- the list could be endless.

While it may true that some architecture programs may require knowledge of these software including Revit, I cannot imagine that it would be expected upon arrival from high school.  For example, I work at an architecture program in the midwest; we expect our students to know Revit ( by their sophomore year, but we teach the software.  Others learn it via a course within a community college.

Thus, I would not be overly worried that he does not know Revit.  Have you talked with the architecture programs and solicited their advice?  Check local community colleges to determine if they teach the course.  Assuming he can get his hands on the actual software, there are tutorials on the web.

Aside from there, there are probably plenty of providers of training but at a cost.