Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art History to Architecture

I will be applying for the M. Arch 1 this next year and had a few questions for you wise ones. I am an Art History major with a minor in Architectural History as well. I began my college career as an architecture major but found out about the M. Arch 1 path and decided that it would be a better idea to major in a field aside from architecture for my undergrad. Anyways, I did take two sophomore level studios and got some work that was not so bad. The question is, should I include this work in my portfolio, or would it be a better idea just to leave it out because of my degree in art history? Also, if I include the models but have lost the technical drawings for the projects, should I redo them by hand, or do them in CAD?


First, congrats on your decision to pursue the Master of Architecture; further, I applaud your decision to first pursue your degree in Art History.

As to your question if you should include work from your sophomore studios, I suggest that you first contact each architecture program to which you are applying and ask them their opinion. As a portfolio is to demonstrate creative work be it architecture work or not, the work from your sophomore work is creative work; what else are you including in your portfolio?

To the extent possible, I would redraw the drawings if the originals were done by hand. Typically, architecture programs want work to be submitted as was done for the course, but again, ask the question of the programs.

I wish you the best in your applying.

Dr. Architecture

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