Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre-Architecture Postitions

I am considering pursuing a M.Arch, but before making the time and financial commitment I want more first-hand insight into the profession of architecture, as well as gain some experience to help me through the M.Arch program. A job with an architecture firm would be ideal (I'm willing to do just about any kind of work, as long as I can observe the architects), but I've read those jobs are few and far between. I've read a good alternative is a job with a building construction company. If jobs with architecture firms are indeed difficult to find, what kind of jobs should I look for with construction companies? Do you have any other suggestions for pre-M.Arch jobs?
I can certainly understand your desire to work in the field prior to committing to your studies, but depending on your background, this may be difficult even within a construction company. Many construction companies require union membership.

Instead, I would suggest you attempt to gain informational interviews with architects from different firms - small, large, etc. In this way, you see a diversity of experiences to aid in your decision.

Use the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects in your region or simply the Yellow Pages to aid you in identifying architects with whom to interview and meet. Are you near a school of architecture? Do the same with a school?

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