Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have completed B.Arch (2004) and Masters in Urban Development and Planning (2007) from India. In total I have 2 years of experience in Architecture, but not in Urban Planning. Due to some personal reasons I have stopped working. Now I am in U.S.A on dependent Visa. I really wish to work again as I am passionate about Architecture. Can you please suggest me some short term courses to brush up my architectural skills . It would be a great help if guide me on some queries-

As I m a foreign Architect so is it mandatory to pass ARE and evaluate my education through EESA?

Can I work with Architectural firms without being registered in U.S.A. As I want to gain the experience in this field not practice by my own?

Do I need to work as an intern with architectural firms? As I don’t have work permit?

Can you suggest me about firms which provide services for both disciplines (Architecture and Urban Planning)? Where I can work as an Architect and Planner?

As your questions are very specific, I may not be the best person to address them, but I will do my best and possibly refer you to other resources.

 If your desire is to become a licensed architect in the U.S., I suggest you review the NCARB website -- All jurisdictions require an education, training, and exam requirement ( As a foreign architect, you may wish to learn more about the BEFA program -- -- 

An individual may certainly work for an architecture firm without being licensed in the U.S., but please become knowledgeable on work permits given your visa status. I am not an expert of this and suggest you contact someone who is -- perhaps, the U.S. Government. 

The position you would work within a firm would be more dependent on your experience level than anything. You would NOT be able to be an architect as you are not licensed. Again, check out resources about work permits.

I do not recommend specific firms, but there are many resources that list firms. Most chapters of the American Institute of Architects have websites of firms.

Dr. Architecture

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