Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graphic Design to Architecture

I am on the mild side of a dilemma. I graduated with a B.S. In Graphic Design in 2008. I currently work for a large technology company as a graphic/web designer. In my profession some would say I'm well on my way in this career. Now the dilemma. Ive always been attracted to architecture. My dad was a master carpenter and I have always been around construction. I want to obtain a professional skill that i can use to help people. The question is will i be ill served if i go back for a M.Arch.? Will my undergrad in design help or hurt me? I make 45k now, what can i expect as an architect?
Thanks so much for your help.

If you wish to become an architect, you must pursue the Master of Architecture to fulfill the education requirement. Clearly, as your background is in a design related discipline, it is a plus; you will be able to use your graphic design work for your portfolio.

As for salaries -- - here is one recent survey. Given your background and the Master of Architecture, you could expect to earn between 40 - 55K depending on where you were located.

Dr. Architecture

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ewilliams said...

I am also considering a M.Arch program this fall. The comments on this salary survey are certainly very discouraging! I hope that the prospects for an intern improve soon.