Friday, May 28, 2010

Advice for education after a BArch degree.

Hi Dr. Architecture:

I am hopeful you can give me some advice and direction. I am in my 5th year of my bachelors program of architecture. In reviewing my future I am considering more education before practicing architecture. My consideration is based on a couple of factors, the current state of affairs in the U.S. today making it extremely tough for the college grads to locate job offers, and my desire to enahnce my skills from other B of A graduates through additional skills. Through my B of A program I beleive that I have developed some good foundation to my design skills but I am not sure a Master program in architecture will completely benefit me if it continues to focus on design. Say for example in the future my desire is to have my own development firm, would it not benefit me to have an engineering degree or possibly a degree in structural engineering. My bottom line question is what kind of further education can compliment my B of A degree and then prepare me to compete more advantangeously in the job market and my future as an architect. I am in my 20's now and I want to address my educational requirements right now for proper preparation of my career vs trying to tackle a lot of education after entering in a career direction. Any direction or advice would be great. Thanks.

First, congrats on approaching the graduation of your Bachelor of Architecture. Next, I applaud your interest in continuing your studies.

However, while I applaud your desire, I question your considerations. In my humble opinion, you do not continue your education because you are not able to secure employment or simply want to enhance your skills.

From your statement, it appears that you wish to pursue further education but you are not sure of which discipline to pursue. With this perspective, why continue your studies. I would argue that you "begin with the end in mind" first; determine which discipline you wish to pursue and then pursue graduate studies.

What would happen if you chose structural engineering for your studies and later found out that you had no desire to pursue it as a career.

Education (Graduate Programs) will always be there. I would suggest you strongly consider entering the workforce, albeit difficult, to help you learn to which discipline you wish to pursue. It is admirable to "address your educational requirements right now" but why do it now if you are not sure of the disipline.

Of course start your career/graduate studies research now. Talk to people, read, research programs -- -- etc.

Just my thoughts. I hope this helps!

Dr. Architecture


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PM said...

An Architect can become a Business Manager always. But it requires a lot of efforts if a Business Manager desires to turn into an Architect.The Architect should practice architecture education taught to him and look for Business Management, which is always easy. Part time and postal MBAs are always there for an established architect
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