Tuesday, May 19, 2009

International Degree

If I were to obtain a 3 year bachelor degree from a university in Australia, would I be eligible to participate in the IDP, and take the ARE?
I currently have an Associates in Architectural Technology from a community college here in North Carolina. I would like to go to Australia and get a degree in Architecture, then come back and work here in the U.S. Is this possible?

To obtain the most accurate answer, you will need to contact NCARB - www.ncarb.org/idp. You may also wish to contact the state IDP coordinator in your state.

Most states require a NAAB accredited degree to meet the education requirement. As such, your degree from Australia will not only allow you to be eligible to become a licensed architect in the U.S. However, you can still become licensed by having your foreign degree evaluated by EESA -- www.eesa-naab.org. Also, you should review a new accord -- www.canberraaccord.org/ - between the countries of U.S., Australia and others.

Bottom line, it is possible, but do your research ahead of time to recoginze what you will need to do upon your return to the U.S.

Dr. Architecture


AnybodyAnyhow said...

A similar question, with a bit of a twist.

Hong Kong architecture programmes are divided into 3-years bachelor and 2 years master. Would a student be able to apply to a 3 year M Arch in the US?

AnybodyAnyhow said...

*"Would a student...MArch in the US" after completing only th 3-years bachelor degree in HK?

Anonymous said...

Similar question,I have recently completed B.arch(5years) from accredited school of architecture in india now i am thinking to come for internship in USA(i have got offer as intern too).Soo my question is do i become eligible for registering and starting IDP process as my internship is going on over there and if soo how many years of office experience is needed to be elligible for licensure exam to become licensed architect over there or its necessary to go for M.arch degree from U.S university since my B.arch degree is from india?